Mid Ohio Slot Machines
                                                    Hi, thanks for stopping by at Mid Ohio Slot Machines.

At Mid Ohio Slot Machines you will not find a bunch of  girls posing in front of machines, you will only find us "Randy and Caroline" standing behind each
and every machine we sell.  

Mid Ohio Slot Machines is located at 147 North Adams Street/ at corner of 100 East Fifth Street ,  Mansfield  Ohio  44902. Off I-71 between
Cleveland and
( corner of East Fifth Street and North Adams Street, in rear)

We are housed in our own 12,000 square foot warehouse in Mansfield, Ohio.  We are not one of those come and go businesses that you see on Ebay,
here today and gone tomorrow. We do this for
a living and have been in business doing the same thing since 1994.

Take your time, look us over, any questions,
concerns, or problems, feel free to call us.
Remember these are
full size slot machines.......they will not fit in the back seat or the trunk of a car.  You must have a
SUV, Van,
slotshotpep777.jpg (52720 bytes)
We try to keep at least 150 real  Casino Slot Machines in stock at all times. At least 25/30 ready to go for home
We only sell IGT S+ models, such as Double Diamond, Red, White, Blue, Sizzlin 7's, Haywires, 5xpay,
10xpay, Triple Diamond
 etc. You are always welcome to stop in and browse, or email us at:  
midohioslotmachines@neo.rr.com or midohio2000@yahoo.com
If you are in the Mansfield area, feel free to give us a call 419-522-3777  stop in and visit our warehouse.  ..... CALL before
coming in.... 419-522-3777,   for availability.. you must have a suv, van or truck for pick up for pick up. These machines
weigh 225 lbs and are approximately 48 to 54 inches tall.

Email: midohioslotmachines@neo.rr.com  or  midohio2000@yahoo.com

We are the largest dealer of IGT slot machines in the USA....................
These are IGT S+ Slot Machines,  payout  tokens and quarters, these machines are the last to pay out, they do not make them anymore.... .....They are
NOT the ticket in, ticket out.....Our Machines are 20 years or older
, legal in most states and we DO NOT ship. However, you can always send someone
in to pick up for you or a moving company.(they will wrap it for you).
 They are the best I have found to get the job done without any damage.We only
sell to legal states...... midohio2000@yahoo.com....Hours 1030am to 6pm M-F  Sat 10-3pm call before coming in 419-522-3777   or email.